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“My subjects are often people who work with dance, music or other kinds of performance. I use illumination and shadow in a way that reflects the theatrical nature of their work; this interests me more than drawing the human figure simply as anatomy…”

“A life model exerts a great deal of energy and effort in holding a motionless position; I try to use line and tone dynamically to express the energy contained within this stillness. My interest in drawing the human figure has been to depict the internal, emotional landscape of form, hovering as an illuminated presence in space…”

Linda Robertson has worked with the figure in pastel and charcoal for many years, and teaches life drawing to adults and senior school students.

Her work has been influenced by drawings from the Italian Renaissance, by Edgar Degas, and by contemporary Australian artist Godwin Bradbeer.

Linda’s work is held in the collections of the Bass Coast Shire, the City of Bright, and Strathcona Girls School, and has been widely exhibited across eastern Australia, and in London.

Linda lives and regularly exhibits in Melbourne, Australia.